My Escort Boyfriend

Most of the time it is female London escorts who try to hook up with an ordinary guy. On this occasion, it is the other way around. My boyfriend works for a male London escorts service, and I am the odd one out. Compared to my boyfriend, I have a rather boring job and work in the supermarket. When I first found out that my boyfriend worked for a London escorts service I was a bit taken back. However, I did mind at all. He is a really nice guy, and I don’t think that I would be able to love without him.

I am not sure how my friends and family would feel if they found out that my boyfriend works for London escorts. We have decided that it is best not to tell them so we have not said anything. I know that it is living a bit of a lie, but I think it is better this way. Not even my best friend knows that he works for a top male London escorts service. She may not mind, but at the same time I have decided to be careful. She is very close to my parents, and may tell them. It is just one of those things we are going to have to live with for now.

Most girls would probably not be too happy to have a boyfriend who works for a male London escorts service but I don’t mind. I am rather open minded and many of my male friends are gay. That is the sort of people I am more comfortable around than others, and I guess that is why I am rather relaxed around my boyfriend and the other male London escorts service he works for in south London. To me it makes life a little bit more exciting and I have always found gay men easy to talk to than others.

My boyfriend is not gay, but he does have a lot of feminine traits about him. It is perhaps one of the reason I am so comfortable around. I have met rather a few of his friends at the London escorts service he works for, and I would say that many of the guys are in touch with their feminine side. Maybe that is why they are so good at what they do. In general, would say that women feel more comfortable around men who are a bit on the softer side.

What is the future for us? My boyfriend tells me that this is the best relationship he has had since he started to work for London escorts. I also feel very positive about our relationship, and I am sure that this guy may be a keeper. Many of the ladies who use the London escorts agency he works would like him to be their permanent toy boy. With a little bit of luck he will not fall for any of their tempting offers. Maybe he will even be the man I will eventually marry one day – who know

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