The Bus Ride: Boy Meets Girl And Sex Ensues

I don’t know why people always think it is the boy who seduces the girl into having sex with him. I mean, come on, chicks love sex just as much as the guy down the street. One young boy who was so innocent a few weeks ago, can testify to this. Here he was minding his own business on a lonely bus trip to the other end of the city. He spotted an older girl staring at him but didn’t think anything of it. She was drop dead gorgeous, with tits hanging out of her blouse and lips that would have made any guy swoon after her. She was off limits to him, or so he thought.

Within minutes, she had moved into the seat next to him and his cock swelled with anticipation. Being so young, he didn’t really understand what was going on. It turns out that he didn’t need much experience, as she took the lead on nearly everything from that point on. In fact, she so turned him on that he forgot his final destination and soon found himself walking up the steps to her flat. That’s right – before he knew it, he had been seduced by this older girl who had only one thing on her mind and it wasn’t making a simple spot of tea.

As soon as the boy entered the flat, he knew he was in for an experience that he would never forget. His mates would never believe the story, but the look on his face when he recounted this sexual encounter would say it all. Instead of him ripping her clothes off, this girl had his pants off and his swelling member in her mouth in record time. He was burning with desire for her and she quickly satisfied this yearning by mounting him in a way that he never believed was possible. He might have been inexperienced, but carnal instinct quickly took over. This girl was a sexual being and he wanted to please her in a way that she had never experienced before. He began thrusting at different speeds, leading up to the point of climax and then easing off. She seemed to be toying with him, but he was loving every minute of. At the point of ejaculation, he was spent. It turns out that she had done him a favor, this elder girl from the bus. He would never look at a simple journey across town the same way again.

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